Mardi Himal - High Camp

Western Region, Nepal

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Dirección de viento de lanzamiento requerida


28.4329, 83.8676 : 3535.0 m


6:50 a. m.

Puesta de sol

5:16 p. m.

Zona horaria

hora de Nepal (+0545)

Located at 3550m ASL in the high camp of the Mardi Himal (a 5555m high Nepali trekking peak), this is a hike and fly take off that requires previous planning and typically a 2-day hike. As such, it is not frequently flown, however a few flights are done from this site every year, as can be seen in online databases like Leonardo or With a bit of luck and skill it is possible to make it to any of the official landings alongside the north side of the Pokhara lake, an average of 25km from the take off. Getting to the take off involves a few hour ride from Pokhara followed by a (usually) two day hike. This needs to be organized. Most people spend a total of three days where the first night is spent in an intermediate camp and the second at the take off. This leaves the third day for flying from early in the morning. na. na.

19 km
19 km
23 km
43 km
48 km


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E 0 5
ESE 0 5
SE 10 0
SSE 0 5
S 0 5
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