Rio de Janeiro - Rampa da Pedra Bonita

State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Dirección de viento de lanzamiento requerida


-22.9882, -43.2788 : 507.0 m

Zona de aterrizaje

-23.0012, -43.2734 : 18.0 m


5:34 AM

Puesta de sol

5:52 PM

Zona horaria

Hora de Brasil (-0300)

You MUST check in at the club office and pay for a day membership of the club before flying. When I was here in February the wind was very light and there were some very gently thermals.

alti: 507m The take-off is a specially made ramp up Pedra Bonita. The top of the ramp is used by hang-gliders. Underneath and to the front of the ramp is for paragliders. Landing is on the beach below but paragliders can also use the nice grass area at the right of the beach. You will see this when you get your day pass before flying as the club office is right next to the grass patch and the beach. Check it out before leaving for take-off. You get to the take off by car. You should be able to get a lift up there from people near the club office at the end of the beach for a small fee or for free if you're lucky. na. na.

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