Iquique - Palo Buque

Tarapacá Region, Chile

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Patricio González Argall Registró un vuelo de 35 km
Patricio González Argall Registró un vuelo de 15 km
Marcus Willis Registró un vuelo de 5 km
Marcus Willis Registró un vuelo de 16 km

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Paragliding Chile 2011 (one element - one spirit)
Paragliding in Chile (Iquique, Palo Buque, Pisagoa, San Marcos) im Februar 2011.
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Iquique Paragliding 2008 Part 3
Iquique Paragliding 2008 Part 3 Guided paragliding tour of the Iquique, Chile area. Including Alto ...
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Paragliding Palo Buque, Iquique
Paragliding in Palo Buque, Iquique. New year 2009.
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Voos Iquique - Chile 2015, Palo Buque a Iquique (paragliding flight)
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-20.3833, -70.1536 : 217.0 m


6:51 AM

Puesta de sol

8:07 PM

Zona horaria

Hora de Chile (-0300)

Amazing soaring site. Play on the sand or go high (about 1000m), until the sunset. Go there in the afternoon, 3/4 hours before the sunset. - Tapouillo Yes this is a great site. It is great for training but also good for more advanced flyers. Beginners can stick to the small dune and more advanced flyers can work back up to the top of the mountain, get high, and head off down the ridge. - LaurieSummers

Takeoff: from the little dune, almost at the level of the sea. Landing: at the takeoff - Tapouillo You can land anywhere on the sand for miles around. - LaurieSummers From Iquique: go South, then take a little trail on the left. - Tapouillo The site is 15km South of Iquique. - LaurieSummers na. na.

Not much experience there. But what I saw is: Strong wind during the day, decreasing. But you can play for hours... - Tapouillo


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