Cove (Richfield- Monroe)

Utah, USA

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Dirección de viento de lanzamiento requerida


38.6342, -112.061 : 2653.0 m

Zona de aterrizaje

38.6461, -112.108 : 1644.0 m


6:10 a. m.

Puesta de sol

8:40 p. m.

Zona horaria

hora estándar de las Montañas Rocosas (-0600)

Extract from Stacy's 'Handbook': Welcome to Utah. Home of Cove Mountain, where a ridge finger extends miles out into and 3300 feet above the Sevier Valley, and creates a soarable launch in three different directions. Where you can climb in evening ridge lift up over 3000 feet and look down on mountain lakes and streams along with 3000 foot shear cliffs and the panorama of Color Country. Where thermals can carry you to the Wasatch Plateau and you can thermal above Skyline Drive, a mountain ridge road that runs 60 miles between Sanpete and Carbon Valley’s, and seldom dips below 10,000 feet. From there you can Thermal right into the Uinta Mountains and on to Wyoming if you want to. > For more/ detailed info about Utah sites check out the 'Utah Paragliding and Hang Gliding Handbook' by Stacy Whitmore:

W-TO: wide, TOP landing possible: realtively easy S-TO: narrow: moderate N-TO. very small, stony: difficult LZ in front of TO: small area on the dirt road which is cleared of bushes; windsock Dirt road from Annabella: 2WD possible, but 4WD recommended... na. na.

- Webcam on TO: - Central Utah wx:

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