Pine Mountain

Oregon, USA

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Pine Mountain

Flying Pine Mountain, July 2017.
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Windy as Fk

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Pine Mountain
Flying Pine Mountain, July 2017.
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pine mountain paragliding bend oregon
9/13/2014 fly in at pine mountain near Bend, OR.
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43.822106, -120.930629

Zona de aterrizaje

43.8344, -120.928 : 1567.0 m


5:21 a. m.

Puesta de sol

8:47 p. m.

Zona horaria

hora estándar del Pacífico (-0700)

The Training Hill is most commonly used during the evening hours and most folks arrive sometime during the last 2 hours before sunset. Most often, this site is good for evening flying when it is blown out during the day. Most people arrive, hike up the hill (20 min) and wait for the air to smooth out. Less commonly, but typically in the spring and fall on light wind days, the glass off builds and the best flying comes near the end of the day when the desert releases its heat. This launch faces NW, so look for N, W or NW winds on the surface as good indicators that the evening session might happen. On good nights, a couple good hours of flight can be had and it is commonly possible to bench up to the summit.

From the rock 'L' look to the east and you'll see a faint trail leading up to a well-cleared launch area. The rock 'L' below launch is the preferred LZ. From Bend, drive east on hwy. 20. At Millican, take a right on the road which is marked as the way to the Pine Mountain Observatory. Drive to the 'Y', which is a couple of miles in from Hwy 20. This is the first major right turn that you will come to. Follow this rocky road for less than a mile, take the first left turn which heads up towards the mountain. Eventually, you'll come to the rock 'L' parking area. This is the preferred LZ. Look to your left and you'll see a faint trail leading up to a well-cleared launch area. USHPA membership required USHPA membership required

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