Big Black

California, USA

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Dirección de viento de lanzamiento requerida


33.156, -116.81 : 1170.0 m

Zona de aterrizaje

33.1353, -116.838 : 496.0 m


6:46 AM

Puesta de sol

5:14 PM

Zona horaria

Hora estándar del Pacífico (-0800)

This site is still sensitive down in the valley. So Please, do not over shoot the Cross- Roads LZ or be tempted to land down in the valley. We are still under negotiations to land down there. It has taken a lot of work and patience to get this far getting the top back open. We are now in good terms with the Forest Service. Forest Service road and site improvements are in the works if we keep all parties happy. NO SITE MAINTENANCE from Feb 1st through May 31st! - Do not pull any weed. This will be done ONLY with the Forest Service Personnel in attendance and or with prior authorization. All Site Maintenance must comply with Special Use Permit Specifications.

Although Big Black is in the Cleveland National Forest, it is a highly sensitive site. After years of working with the Palomar Ranger District we feel very fortunate to have regained access and to fly there via a Special Use Permit. Small cutout between trees: Being nested in pines, launch can be tricky for paraglliders, but ok for hang gliders. Landing – Is permitted only in the crossroads LZ. We are not allowed to land in the valley below the mountain. The LZ is also not visible from Launch but an ok glide with today’s gliders. Definitely check out the cross roads LZ while you are there and make a way point in your GPS for easy bearings once up on launch. If you are not comfortable with the LZ or confident that you can land there, simply offer to drive! Landing at the Cross-Roads LZ requires solid Intermediate (P3) approach and non-coastal spot landing skills. (~150’ x 200+’ uneven roadside cut out among foothills) Gate Access to Launch requires SDHGPA Membership. Ask permission first to the san Diego club: Directions for those coming from the San Diego North County or further North: From 15, take 78 (East) to West Haveford Rd (East again) to Pamo Road (North). At the Cross-Roads: The best place to park would be up the road from the actual Cross Roads. When parking at the Cross-Roads, please keep in mind that you are parking in the actual LZ. Yes, it is small with obstacles without cars to complicate matters.

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