Collet de Tat - Superdevoluy

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

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Dirección de viento de lanzamiento requerida


44.6891, 5.9158 : 1705.0 m

Zona de aterrizaje

44.6934, 5.9089 : 1471.0 m


7:10 a. m.

Puesta de sol

6:28 p. m.

Zona horaria

hora estándar de Europa central (+0100)

Cliff take off. Be carefull. This site can be good when there is a too strong O/NO wind in the Buëch Vallee. In summer, be carefull in the middle of the day of the addition of the meteo wind and local brise which can increase at landing points. Very nice 360° vue of the Devoluy. Prefer to land in one of the many fields below the site. The one indicated is easy and close to the road. It is possible to land directly at the Collet du Tat, but the Venturi effect can be strong. Just after Rioupes, you can take a small road. When it becomes a trail, leave the car, or continue if you have a 4x4 wheel until the GPS point indicated on the map, called 'collet du Tât' on the Ign map. At the Collet du Tat, you have 20 to 25 walk to get at the top of the cliff.

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