Le Vieux Chaillol

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

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44.7352, 6.1901 : 3120.0 m


7:09 a. m.

Puesta de sol

6:26 p. m.

Zona horaria

hora estándar de Europa central (+0100)

Many chamois all along the way ! Many big rocks on the summit. Taking off is easier when there is a little snow.

From the summit of Le Vieux Chaillol mountain, altitude 3163m. Several possibilties in Champsaur Valley. I used the biggest (obvious) field at the entrance of Molines en Champsaur, after checking that no animals where in there. Either from Chaillol 1600 ski resort (climbing = 1660m) or from Molines en Champsaur (climbing = 2000m), this last one being described here : follow the Muande valley for 1 hour (4 km, horizontal path. Then start climbing toward 'Col de la Pisse' pass (2334). It is possible to let the path and walk trough grass and rock, 200 m below this pass, in order to find some sun if you are there late in the autumn season ! Get to the Col du Riou Beyrou (2695). Then , up to the summit, there is no real track any more. You can either remain in the midddle of the face, or follow its west border (some rocks to climb, better way for sightseeing)

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